the time has come

In 2008 Margaret was greatly encouraged when a number of faithful supporters felt it was time for Margaret to record a solo CD project. As it turned out Margaret had been in a prolific season of writing songs that reflected much of her own spiritual journey. She had also been working closely with another local artist, Lianna Klassen during this season. One of the tracks that they had co-written together as a theme song for a Global Day of Prayer event (“Hear Our Cry”) also made it onto this timely album! Another deciding factor in the timing of this album was the availability of Brian Thiessen as producer. As a gifted musician, song writer and producer with well known Canadian worship artist Brian Doerksen; he helped produce a creative work that captured both Margaret’s voice and her heart for worship beautifully. With the way that everything came together so nicely for this album, it seemed fitting to call it “the time has come” and so she did. Please have a listen below!

“The Time Has Come” is available on iTunes.