Clayton Nunweiler Bio

clayton_thumbnailClayton  Nunweiler  (12/31/77) grew up in a small town outside Calgary,  Alberta, then moved into the big city during his tween years and hasn’t looked back. He has always been a man of few words but speaks up when his opinion needs to be heard.  Born into a family with a Catholic Mother and Lutheran Father, his parents thought it best at an early  age, that he and his siblings attend the only church in town for Sunday School.  Soon after, his father started attending the same small church, gave  his life to Jesus and helped start the journey for he and his family.

Clayton started his musical journey on the Youth Worship  Team as a singer at fourteen.  By the age of seventeen he was leading his peers into worship, started to learn the guitar at age eighteen and played his first song in front of a crowd at nineteen.  The rest as they say is  history………

Clayton joined Harvest Christian Fellowship Church in the summer of 2003, and has been playing along side Margaret Graham as her lead guitar player and one of her co-leaders ever since.  With a passion for worshiping the King of kings, he shows his love for the Lord through his music, his playing and his life

Clayton is a loving and devoted husband to wife Danielle and his three children (daughter & two sons).  Together with his wife they are also called to foster children, bring them into their home and teach and show them the ways of Jesus.

Fun Facts:
Loves Slurpies no matter how cold it is outside
The Space channel is my friend
Favourite saying “Sweet Monkey!”