To Whom It May Concern,
We have had the distinct pleasure of hosting Grace Revolution on multiple occasions at Break Forth Canada.
Grace Revolution has always been a great blessing, not only to us as organizers but also to the many thousands who have joined them in worship.
They bring unique gifts to any conference or event they have led worship in.
Here are some of the gifts that Grace Revolution brings with them:
• Exceptional musicianship
• Soaring original songs
• The ability to adapt their level of engagement from small audiences of hundreds to huge audiences of thousands
• The willingness to adjust their ‘set list’ to serve the audience they stand in front of. If the audience is better served with a higher percentage of more well-known worship songs, they are willing to adjust. This indicates a heart of service.
• Christ-like attitudes in every interaction.
I cannot recommend Grace Revolution highly enough. While they are able to provide exceptional worship leadership in small settings, I also am encouraging churches and event organizers to place them in larger settings.
Should you wish any more recommendations or have any more questions, I am happy to provide one through email at

For the Kingdom,

Dr. Arlen Salte
Executive Director
Break Forth Ministries