Grace Revolution is made up of a collective of musicians with Margaret Graham and Clayton Nunweiler as the leaders. Before the formation of Grace Revolution Band, Margaret and Clay worked together on various worship projects in and around the city of Calgary. Here are a few of the events that they both worked on together back in the formative years before GRB.

GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER – 2005 – 2008
Calgary Saddledome Arena, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
– Margaret was the worship director responsible for assembling the musicians for the band (which included Clay) and for leading throughout the event. As part of the International Global Day of Prayer initiative the inaugral event brought together more than 13,000 people from a wide spectrum of the Christian community in Calgary. The GDOP quickly became one of the largest Christian worship gatherings that Calgary has experienced in one location. Margaret continued to lead up the worship component of the event for another 3 years and it continued to attract thousands of people with a heart to worship and pray together for our world.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
– Margaret was the inspirational driving force behind the birth of the Rivers of Worship Equipping Conference! Margaret had a vision to facilitate a very practical training and equipping weekend for the worship and arts community in the Calgary region. The event was held for 3 consecutive years and Paul & Priscilla Reid from CFC Belfast, Northern Ireland very graciously agreed to be the keynote speakers and Robin Mark (Day’s of Elijah, Revival etc.) also from CFC Belfast as the main worship leader for each of the events. The first year was held at St. Michaels Catholic Church, year two was at First Assembly Church and the final year was held at Rockpointe Church. The event attracted 100’s from the worship and arts community for training and equipping and 1000’s of people turned out for the evening worship events led by Robin Mark, Margaret, Clay and others.