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Grace Revolution is made up of a diverse group of friends who love to worship. 
The 3 key members of the band, Margaret Graham, Clay Nunweiler, and Todd James are all worship leaders, musicians and song writers who conencted through their involvement as part of the Worship Mentoring Program at their local church, Harvest CFC located in Calgary, AB, Canada. Since their inception over two years ago, they have enjoyed the diversity of having different bass players and drummers rotate through the band. On drums, Chris Graham was the inaugral percussionist, he can be heard playing drums on a number of the tracks on the King of Love EP. Darryl Swartz (former Three Sixty Three and now Producer at Red Tree Studio in Calgary) also played on the album. In more recent history, Hudson Munshaw has been the resident drummer of GR and has been a rock solid anchor on the band for many live worship events and concerts.  


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If you are interested in booking GR for your worship event or celebration please contact us today through our contact page.

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