Grace Revolution Band is a dynamic band with a mission to impact all generations with a blend of original tunes and cover favorites. Over the years we have enjoyed bringing our inspirational style to many unique and wonderful opportunities and venues. We have been privileged to play in a wide range of settings including; small intimate house parties, churches of all sizes, multi-denominational gatherings, side stage at YC, main stage at Breakforth Canada. Our heart for unity within the body of Christ opened a door for us to lead over 13,000 people from all expressions of the body of Christ in worship at the Calgary Saddledome in the center of our city Calgary. As a band our hope is always to impart grace, hope, encouragement and inspiration wherever we go. We also love to teach workshops, equip other bands and look for every opportunity to help raise up the next generation of musicians, singers and leaders whenever possible. We do everything with a heart for excellence and a willingness to serve. If you are interested in having GRB come and lead worship at your event we would love to hear from. In the meantime please read our recommendations from our good friends Robin Mark, Kevin Pauls and Arlen Salte.

  • Dr. Arlen SalteDr. Arlen SalteBreakforth Ministries

    To Whom It May Concern,
    We have had the distinct pleasure of hosting Grace Revolution on multiple occasions at Break Forth Canada.
    Grace Revolution has always been a great blessing, not only to us as organizers but also to the many thousands who have joined them in worship.
    They bring unique gifts to any conference or event they have led worship in.
    Here are some of the gifts that Grace Revolution brings with them:
    • Exceptional musicianship
    • Soaring original songs
    • The ability to adapt their level of engagement from small audiences of hundreds to huge audiences of thousands ....

  • To whom it may concern,
    My name is Kevin Pauls. I have performed over 2500 shows around the world and have been in this crazy business for over 30 years. When I am not recording or touring, I have had the privilege of being a Live Music Producer. I work with bands on their stage show and teach them how to perform…to connect with their audience. I am happy to fully endorse the music and performance of the band Grace Revolution.
    I have worked with them one-on-one, and watched them progress. Grace Revolution has a maturity to their sound and their performance. They “get it” and I know as they take the stage all around the world, the promoters will watch them and be very happy that they took a chance on this band!!

    Kevin Pauls


  • I would like to recommend the Grace Revolution Band as potential main stage/ large venue participants . They are an excellent group of high quality musicians with exceptional communication skills, and an inherent spiritual discernment infusing their performances which, in my opinion, allows them to guide congregations and gathering audiences to a place of praise., without pressure, cajoling or harassing.

    They are spiritually mature , theologically sound, and aware of how important the elevation of Christ in worship, rather than man, is fundamental to the Church.

    I commend them to you as entirely appropriate for large scale events.

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